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How to Save Time on Your Next Hospital Construction Project

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 20, 2016 / by Geoff McElrath posted in headwall, healthcare


If there’s anything you need more of during any construction project, it’s time. No matter what type of project you are working on, time is most always against you. Finding a way to decrease production time, without sacrificing quality or safety is sometimes a difficult balance to strike. Yet, we have a solution that will not only decrease construction time, but that is also budget friendly. The solution is using prefabricated hospital headwall systems in all hospital rooms.

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5 Features of the forWard® Headwall System

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 29, 2016 / by Geoff McElrath posted in headwall, healthcare

Hospital Headwall systems are growing in popularity in the healthcare industry, and for good reason. The forWard® Headwall System is incredibly efficient to install and maintain, it aids with consistency and ease of use for hospital staff, and it offers patients a little piece of home through its custom design capabilities. All of this enhances patient care while improving the efficiency of hospital staff.

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3 Cost-Effective Ways to Keep Commercial Design Interesting

[fa icon="calendar'] Dec 3, 2015 / by Geoff McElrath

Design sets the tone for any environment. The right auditorium seating changes the way concertgoers enjoy a performance or the way a community experiences a sporting event. Likewise, high-quality wall panel systems unify style, structure, and brand identity in key spaces such as corporate, education, and healthcare facilities.

Before implementing a design, however, it’s imperative to understand how that vision fits into the client’s needs and the intended use of space. Choosing materials that are cost-efficient, sustainable, and that allow for maximum utility will ensure a result that is perfectly integrated.

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Bleachers and Platform Seating: Does it Have to Be All or Nothing?

[fa icon="calendar'] Sep 15, 2015 / by Geoff McElrath


During the summer of 2014, Steve Ward & Associates worked with the Greenback School in Greenback, TN, to create a seating solution for the school’s gym and auditorium. The proposed options needed to be not only cost-effective but serve the varied needs of these multi-use spaces while conserving square footage for maximum utility as well. Working alongside the architect overseeing this project, SWA was able to devise a plan that combined different types of seating to perfectly suit these areas without blowing apart the budget.

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Prefabricated Headwall Systems Save Time without Sacrificing Quality

[fa icon="calendar'] Sep 9, 2015 / by Geoff McElrath posted in headwall, healthcare

For every commercial project, no matter the size, construction and design are guided by a few prevailing watchwords: “on time” and “on budget.” It’s a balancing act that requires the management of not only cost and schedule, but also supplies and quality. While prefabricated options can indeed help to offset the price of materials, they can also reduce the lead times for delivery without compromising on your vision.

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