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How to Save Time on Your Next Hospital Construction Project

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 20, 2016 / by Geoff McElrath


If there’s anything you need more of during any construction project, it’s time. No matter what type of project you are working on, time is most always against you. Finding a way to decrease production time, without sacrificing quality or safety is sometimes a difficult balance to strike. Yet, we have a solution that will not only decrease construction time, but that is also budget friendly. The solution is using prefabricated hospital headwall systems in all hospital rooms.

How Prefabricated Headwalls Help

Our hospital headwalls are not an “add on” like many of the existing pre-fabricated headwalls and bed locators on the market. Our headwalls end the need for drywall, paint, veneer, and other finishes. In fact, they are the wall. They eliminate the need for labor to finish out this time-consuming 8’ section of the patient room wall. All that is needed are rough opening dimensions provided by the contractor. Traditionally, each room would be plumbed and wired at different times, creating inconsistencies in the locations of the outlets, and creating extra work. Each would have to be measured, and different cuts made to the drywall to finish the wall. Each room being different not only creates problems in the construction phase, but also with the hospital staff when the room is completed. Learning which room you are in, and where everything is located creates inefficiencies in the amount of time it takes for the staff to complete their jobs.

Premade Keeps it Simple

With the use of a prefab system each wall is set up exactly the same. The system is plug and play, pre-plumbed and pre-wired only requiring a final connection to each at the time of installation. For example, our forWard® system can be installed from start to finish in 30-45  minutes. The number of parts and components (9 pieces make up the entire system), simplifies fabrication, installation, and maintenance. This saves valuable time during the construction phase. Also, each room is the same, enabling staff to complete tasks more efficiently.

Other Benefits of Premade Headwalls

The forWard® hospital headwall system can be installed towards the end of the construction schedule, minimizing the possibility of damage during the rest of the build out. The internal components of the headwall can also be installed at a separate time from the outer headwall finish panels, if required.

When maintenance is required inside the headwall, there should be a vast reduction in lost time and revenue due to our patented “lock-in” construction. Since the forWard® hospital headwall system eliminates the need for drywall, paint, or wall protection, infection control measures are significantly reduced.

Hospital headwall systems not only save time and money for the construction teams, but the benefits also are passed down to hospital staff and patients. Everyone wins when these systems are in place. Custom made for each project we can ensure they are exactly what you are looking for. To learn more about our forWard® system click below to view our video about our hospital headwall.

Click Here to Watch the Video

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Geoff McElrath

Written by Geoff McElrath