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Prefabricated Headwall Systems Save Time without Sacrificing Quality

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 9, 2015 / by Geoff McElrath

Pre-Fab Headwall SystemFor every commercial project, no matter the size, construction and design are guided by a few prevailing watchwords: “on time” and “on budget.” It’s a balancing act that requires the management of not only cost and schedule, but also supplies and quality. While prefabricated options can indeed help to offset the price of materials, they can also reduce the lead times for delivery without compromising on your vision.

Prefab Allows You to Build Faster

Managing different trades on a job site can cause problems that delay your end date as workers build, install, and move around each other in shared spaces. Tasks that should be completed early on can sometimes languish until the last minute because others have consumed more time than previously planned. While custom millwork is a great option that can elevate a final product, it can also be prohibitively expensive, not to mention a much slower process.

A better option might be to choose a pre-manufactured product for items that require both large numbers and uniformity. On a hospital build, for example, prefabricated headwalls aren’t just convenient, but expedient and user-friendly. As a result, they drastically reduce the time spent on assembly, drywall, painting, and other sealing and protection measures.

Prefab Helps You to Build Smarter

Because prefabricated headwalls have few parts and require minimal space, they prove quick and easy to install. The internal and external components of the headwall can even be assembled at separate times, if necessary.

Likewise, outlet and gas cutouts are made with precision, which means less time spent cutting and cleaning on site. Many prefabricated headwall options include pre-plumbed and wired systems or custom gas outlet placements so that setting up final connections can occur more quickly. Some systems also feature modification options that allow for maximum utility and cost-effective expansion down the line. This ease of use and speed of installation means you can coordinate more effectively for a more manageable schedule.

Prefab Can Be Both Practical and Beautiful

The fundamental purpose of a headwall is to cover plumbing and electrical access. However, while function is important, it can also help to form a cohesive, pleasing design. Creating a stylish signature look doesn’t have to fall by the wayside.

Prefabricated headwalls are available in hundreds of colors and wood grains for endless eye-catching combinations to fit your needs. Some systems even offer exceptional attention to acoustic properties, making them an ideal product for quiet hospitals and wards. Additionally, a well-constructed product will be durable and resistant to impact, denting, and scratching, which will add even further value to your design and your bottom line.

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Geoff McElrath

Written by Geoff McElrath